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Visioning & Creating

+ Visioning Your Goals - Creating Success Pathways | Description
What you can conceive in your mind, believe in your heart, you can achieve in your life! This workshop is all about visualizing, in detail, the mental picture of what you want to create. Athletes have successfully used this strategy to win events and receive handsome rewards by "conceiving" their success. You can learn to do the same and then create focused goals around your inner-vision! Participants who want to tap into the power of creative visualization to achieve meaningful goals will greatly benefit from this experiential facilitation. This workshop then allows you the opportunity to develop a plan to actively achieve what it is you now “know” you desire. | Request more information
+ Finding and Living Your Purpose – Creating an Alignment | Description
With events constantly de-stabilizing both our personal and professional lives, knowing and living your sense of purpose, amongst all this change, is essential for success. This workshop helps you explore and refine your sense of life purpose coupled with a perceptual method of generating additional ideas and options to explore. It’s an eye-opening, potentially life-changing experience! This session is facilitated by an “experienced life practitioner” who has lived through the transition process personally and who now lives his life purpose daily. He was trained in career management principles, has a background as an outplacement consultant and practices as a certified Life Skills coach. He can help you to see beyond the “what is,” to help you to create a life that has purpose, meaning and direction that “can be!” | Request more information
+ Creating & Attracting Prosperity -
   The Mindset and Magnetism Factors | Description
Prosperity is attracted to those who are proactive. If you recognize that your current thinking is not helping you to attract prosperity into your life, this may just be the mental tune-up you’ve been looking for! Positive ways of perceiving and thinking introduced in this workshop tune the brain into becoming more receptive to recognize opportunity and then act on it. Wishing and waiting for good things to happen is simply ineffective. Shift into mental high-gear with the tools presented and attract what you desire and deserve. By the workshop’s conclusion, you’ll have the necessary tools to make your mind more sensitive and receptive to opportunity. So, come learn how to turn on your “attractor-factor” and reveal “the secret” for enhanced success! | Request more information

Designing & Implementing

+ Goal-Setting and Goal-Getting -
   Strategies to Make It Happen | Description
The focus of this interactive workshop is to learn goal-setting techniques, practice them, and then apply application strategies to ensure follow-through. From potential through to action, the workshop encourages participation and successful outcomes. This is a practical “hands-on” workshop designed to allow participants to discover their action blockers and develop proactive strategies to move forward with less friction. This session is for those who are committed to making dreams come true and are prepared to actively “walk the talk” to attain more personal fulfillment and career success! | Request more information
+ Goal Achievement for Procrastinators - Getting Around to It! | Description
This session takes an in-depth look at the real causes of procrastination and, through experiential exercises, offers effective strategies to overcome inertia and move on. Once achieved, this workshop then focuses on goal-setting techniques that overpower the brain's natural tendency to keep things "just the way they are." Everyone can benefit from attending! This session is particularly effective for those persons in work transition where the uncertainty of the future can dampen efforts to take charge and create new beginnings. For maximum benefit, please don’t put off attending this workshop any longer! | Request more information
+ Releasing the Leader Within – Shift Happens – for the better! | Description
This intensive workshop is designed to engage participants in discovering the necessary personal and professional qualities needed to support the "spirited workplace," in an environment of change. It begins with an examination of the current operating realities and the major friction factors that deflect the alignment of purpose. Individuals will have the opportunity to identify the personal leadership qualities needed to support the creation of sustainable core values and how to measure progress towards this different kind of bottom line. The session concludes with debriefing as well as the development of a "next steps" action plan. | Request more information
+ Developing A Strategic Plan – Creating a Prudent Pathway | Description
This intensive workshop is designed to engage participants in discovering the elements required to build an integrative and comprehensive strategic plan that relates to the dynamics of a changing environment. Emphasis is placed on active application of strategic planning principles through several exercises designed to reinforce the learning points. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn both individually and as group participants. A concise, five-step strategic planning model will be introduced that can be immediately applied to work situations requiring the development of a strategic plan. | Request more information
+ The "3Rs" of 21st-Century Success -
   Responsibility, Resilience & Rapport | Description
This presentation delves into the essentials for prospering in a rapidly changing world through a no-nonsense, yet highly motivating delivery style. Change starts from within and this workshop gets to the heart of the matter. A number of different exercises and discussions are employed in a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential environment. The facilitator, while always probing and sometimes provocative, allows participants to get in tune with what’s really going on in their lives and identify and focus on what they really want to create. If change is truly desired coupled with a firm commitment to take action, this workshop is instrumental in helping participants get the boost they need to get started! | Request more information

Developing & Improving

+ Doing More with Less – Now What? | Description | NEW
This short presentation looks at how to manage more successfully in a world where doing more with less is not just a concept but a mandate! After available resources have been stretched to the max, what do you do next for an encore? Strategies and concepts discussed in this presentation shift traditional thinking to fresher perspectives where opportunity resides. By the end of the session, participants will understand that it’s not solely the apparent lack of resources that’s in the way! Find out how to shift viewpoints using seven powerful strategies that reveal untapped ways of doing more with less! | Request more information
+ Selling Yourself for Success - "The Needs To Know!" | Description
This presentation focuses on three main themes – clearly understanding the context of those you are communicating with, having a communication style that is congruent with others for optimum “fit” and how to effectively communicate personal and professional benefits that directly relate to others identified needs. These days, whether selling a concept, a product or service, we all require a consultant's "mindset" to relate to the client’s realities. This session explores the success ingredients and how to sequence them for positive results. It’s a great boost for those wishing to become self-employed or those who desire to improve their one-to-one communication effectiveness whether as employees or entrepreneurs! | Request more information
+ Influence Without Authority –
   Moving Forward without Direct Control | Description
This effective session helps learners become familiar with available options beyond the use of direct authority. Building from an understanding of the different kinds of power and their proper use, participants develop an “Influence Toolkit“ that can be used in a variety of work related situations with both internal and external clients. The importance of creating mutual win outcomes is stressed in this presentation. By the conclusion, learners will understand that the proper use of influence can also be an excellent relationship-building tool. Participants will gain confidence in using practical techniques to influence others in order to produce mutual win outcomes in negotiations or situations where they do not have direct authority. | Request more information
+ Interpersonal Excellence – Working Better Together | Description
We’ve all personally experienced the negative effects associated with demanding work. The question is, how is it affecting our performance over the long term? What impact is it having on our zest to be our best? Whether working in teams or simply interacting with others, your ability to interface and contribute effectively is an essential skill. This workshop focuses on the key collaborative strengths you'll need to integrate your contributions with far less friction and greater resultant impact. As an added benefit, it also helps you gain greater trust and respect from others you work with. You will leave this session with effective tools to take charge in creating a professional life with more flair and less emotional wear and tear. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to create your own habits of interpersonal excellence – a great investment! | Request more information
+ A Winning Attitude - Tuning Your Mindset for Success | Description
Your attitude determines how you live today and how you create your tomorrows. You can positively influence your outcomes far more than you may realize simply by improving the quality of your thoughts. It's been said that your attitude determines your altitude and clearly, this workshop examines what robs us of our potential and delivers a step-by-step refocus approach. This session provides a powerful “time-out” for self-reflection and the tools to help you integrate new, more empowering perspectives into your life. Positively changing your thinking changes your results too! A winning attitude helps you reach new altitudes and transmit the positive signals of self-confidence and capability in your communication. See how many more opportunities can be attracted to you! | Request more information
+ Procrastination Busting -
   Break-through & Move Forward Faster | Description
If we actually recognized the true cost of missed opportunity due to procrastinating, we'd be astounded! This session helps you to understand and recognize the underlying reasons why you choose to avoid. Enabling strategies are introduced to help you "reframe" your perspectives and move forward with clearer focus, purpose and direction. Dealing with procrastination requires identifying and taking a look at the many fears that rob us of our potential. This workshop assists with the development of alternative perspectives coupled with an action taking technique to help you move forward, faster. If you’ve ever felt that procrastination has held you back from creating the results you truly deserve, then do not miss this session! It’s an important step for anyone desiring to breakaway from this self-limiting habit that robs us of our natural capacity to achieve! | Request more information
+ Stress Busting Techniques -
   Proactive Energy Recapturing Ideas | Description
We all deal with both positive and negative stressors every day. Stressors will be ever-present for the balance of our lives. If we choose to change the impact of stress, we’ll need the knowledge, tools and techniques plus a strategy to create meaningful change. Learning how to emotionally self-manage day-to-day events with less mental wear and tear can be potentially life saving! This session introduces proactive strategies which assist participants to redirect this energy using a number of easy but effective ways to feel more in control. “The Power of Stress Busting” workshop provides effective basics to help you change your stress perspective and engage with a plan to get more joy out of your life! | Request more information
+ Communicating with Confidence (Part 1) -
   Presenting with Impact | Description
One of the most stressful activities for people is presenting their ideas to others. While effective communication is a basic requirement, for many, it's also a fear based activity. In a relaxed, fun and supportive environment, experiential exercises help participants overcome by doing and creating new patterns of achievement and success. This is an ideal workshop for people with varying levels of proficiency to experiment and build both communication skills and delivery confidence. This workshop provides a positive experience for every participant conducted in a learning environment that’s engaging and fun! | Request more information
+ Communicating with Confidence (Part 2) -
   Integrating Technology | Description
Using today's electronic technology when presenting can be a challenge in itself! This workshop is designed to familiarize you with the equipment that's most often integrated into basic presentations. In a relaxed, hands-on session, you'll learn the tips of the pros and be able to identify, hook-up and effectively use the electronic tools of the trade. From laptops to projectors, wireless microphones to sound systems, lasers to screens, this lab workshop unravels the mysteries of integrating electronic aids smoothly into your presentations. Even absolute beginners leave this presentation with the equipment knowledge and operational expertise to be successful! | Request more information
+ Presenter’s Bootcamp –
   Communicating with Confidence - Parts 1 & 2 combined | Description
This 1½ day intensive workshop is ideal for those who have to look presentation and equipment “savvy” but don’t get enough frequent practice to improve. Participants will take an active role in learning the ropes from presenting a simple speech to delivering their message supported by presentation technology. It’s a hands-on, experiential session with strategies, coaching and practice integrated with today’s technology. Limited enrolment ensures active engagement in a no-fail, encouraging environment. | Request more information
+ Communication & Teambuilding using
   Personality Dimensions® | Description
This new, dynamic tool is a culmination of the research and validation work that has been done in Canada over the past seven years. Personality Dimensions® provides an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem and effective communication strategies in a team-based environment. The session is based on leading-edge research into human motivation and helps to explain what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities or temperaments. Personality theory/temperament tools translate complex personality theory into everyday language. This new, interactive human relations and communications model/process enhances the basic values of self-esteem, dignity and self-worth. Sessions are presented in a fun, lively, interactive format which makes the learning memorable and easy to apply. By the end of the day’s session, participants will be knowledgeable in the proper uses of the Personality Dimensions® tool. They will have shared in a supportive, engaging and experiential environment in learning how to effectively communicate and work better together for enhanced results in team-based operating environments. | Request more information
+ Creative Visioning –
   The Professional's Technique to Envision Success | Description
Sports pros and business leaders know that it all begins with having a vision of what can be. Learning to create it in your own mind first sets the stage for focused achievement. This workshop introduces the concept of creative visioning and provides an opportunity to experience the process first-hand. Tap into your mind's power to create your desired outcomes by learning this powerful winner's technique. Visualization skills developed in this workshop can be helpful for relaxation, meditation and centering in addition to “visioning.” It’s a powerful self-development practice that anyone can use for more friction-free living and better personal and professional results. | Request more information
+ Getting the Most out of Your Training –
   Maximizing Training Effectiveness | Description
This brief presentation offers participants an exploratory opportunity to assess current training initiatives from a learning effectiveness viewpoint. Identify the "detractor factors," understand the nature of the "gap" and implement, if desired, re-alignment course corrections. This session is facilitated by an "experienced life practitioner" who has been tortured by several company training initiatives and has yet managed to survive and tell the tale! This is an effective yet light-hearted view of the serious business of maximizing on the training investment. | Request more information

We also offer custom workshops specifically designed to meet your objectives. Call for a no-obligation consultation to assess your targets and timeframes.