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Important Notes on the
Power Series of Presentations

We want to help make your event a success! The following information will assist you in choosing “fitting” presentations that meet the needs of your program, group or audience.

Lifeset specializes in personal and professional development presentations, helping individuals and organizations to go beyond present limitations to be their best. While presenting topical information and concepts, the delivery style is engaging, fun and from the heart.

Full day workshops are approximately five to six hours in length and half-day sessions are about two and a half to three hours. Several of these topics can be packaged for conferences, weekend retreats or team building events lasting more than one day.

The subject topics offered can be customized, in most cases, to fit your specific requirements. However, please note that full-day workshops condensed into shorter time frames will contain abbreviated content and fewer opportunities to practice the methods or strategies offered. Experiential application of the presented concepts is essential to foster effective learning. Whenever possible, the workshops outlined in this document, should be presented in their intended length to achieve maximum impact and results.

“Highlight” versions of many of the topics offered can be presented for speaking engagements, keynote speeches, guest speaker events, lunch & learn formats and conference breakout sessions. This is done with the understanding that the content has been adjusted to fit the specific requirements.

Custom keynote speeches and workshops can be individually developed to meet your specific learning objectives. Advanced notice is needed for topic research and program development. Please contact Lifeset at your earliest opportunity to explore how we can meet your specific needs.

For any of the presentations listed, Lifeset can supply all of the basic electronic presentation equipment required to address groups of up to 100 persons. This includes such items as projectors through to sound reinforcement. This has proved to be beneficial for presenting in locations that do not already have accessible presentation equipment. Please advise Lifeset of your specific requirements.

Studies show that new learning is quickly forgotten if not applied immediately. Consider protecting your investment by effectively integrating the presentation concepts directly into your working environment. Lifeset provides follow-up group or individual coaching so you can quickly capitalize on your learning investment. Let the Lifesetting® coaching process help your group, company or organization build clarity and momentum by effectively actualizing on your new learning.

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