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At times, I think I'm just as much of a skeptic about training effectiveness as are many others. Having been involved many times as a "trainee," I admit I've often felt that it was a dreadful waste of time, as well as human and financial resources. What I've since found out was that, frequently, it wasn't the training that failed but the company that sponsored it!

I've discovered that new learning, if not properly accommodated, encouraged and reinforced in the workplace, simply cannot be effective. The secret for success is planning the necessary changes within the company beforehand so that participants can immediately apply what they’ve learned in the training.

Workshops provided in isolation can't fully deliver much of anything if the working environment hasn't been adapted to support it. This is the reason that I encourage pre-delivery planning and follow-up coaching after all my workshops to make sure that what's been learned can be effectively applied on a continuing basis.

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