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What process can help me move forward faster for better results sooner? Try the W.H.A.T. method of “active creation!”

So what is W.H.A.T? It’s a focused method of creating a positive pathway for the things you truly desire, to find you! The process of “active creation” is far more than the spectator sport of wishing and hoping. It depends on clarity of purpose, a solid belief in what’s possible, a courageous commitment to take purposeful action and a mindful technique to overcome self-limiting beliefs that can sabotage your ability to achieve the desired outcomes you deserve!

Here are the individual elements of the W.H.A.T active creation method.

W = What - If you haven't got a clear vision of what it is you want to create, then no amount of effort will achieve a satisfying result. Answering the question, “what do I want,” is often a most challenging pursuit.

It all begins with visioning, in as much detail as possible, what it's all going to look like when the desire outcome is achieved. This is only the start, however. Where possible, imagine what it's also going to sound like, feel like, and if applicable taste and smell like. The subconscious part of your mind does not know the difference between a vividly imagined event or image and a real one. The more "real" you can make this desired vision, the more your subconscious buys-in, believes in and behaves as if it's already so.

So, your journey starts by clearly declaring what it is that you want, then create it with as much “imaginary precision” as you can put into it. In essence, if you can't name it or picture it or feel it, then you probably can't claim it!

H = How are you going to make this all come about? This is where we think and figure out how to get to the planned destination we have mindfully created – our vision. There are several elements in this process that need to be considered.

You could call this activity the strategy part of the active creation process. Many questions need to be answered - who is involved, what needs to take place, where does it happen, when does it occur, which constraints beyond my control need to be considered, why do I really want to do this? In addition, these questions need metrics put around them. By being specific state, with as much accuracy as possible, how much, how many, how long, how will I recognize whether I'm on the right path and whether I've arrived? The addition of milestones of achievement along the way makes this process all the more attainable and rewarding.

The great aspect about creating “the how” is that it doesn't have to be perfect! Just remember that many people have created great things without knowing exactly how they were going to make them all happen. Sometimes just moving forward sequentially with each next step makes the following steps more apparent, as long as your vision of the end result is firmly kept in mind.

A = Action - It's been estimated that a majority of all goals that are created aren't ever achieved. This is because the planning process hasn't been mobilized by taking action. Again, there are a number of mindful elements that need to be included in taking purposeful action.

The concept goes like this. Whatever you think about expands. Whatever you think about most, becomes. As author Mike Dooley puts it, “thoughts become things.” This concept can be used positively or negatively. I would suggest that employing its’ positive use is much more powerful and beneficial in creating and achieving what you want to bring into “being.”

Keep in mind, though that it's not enough just to “think” it. Once you’ve created a planned pathway to achieve your vision, then the next action step is to experience it in your mind and feeling it as if it were already taking place. The more real you can make it through visualizing and “living” inside this creation by feeling it, the more energy you radiate out to attract it back to you.

The complete action process doesn’t stop here, though. There is one more crucial step - doing! You can’t sit idly by just waiting. Put another way, if wishing isn’t working and hoping isn’t helping, then it’s time to get doing! This requires taking meaningful, purposeful action by engaging in activities that create a supportive outside connection for receiving the desired outcome. I call the “doing” action step “preparation for manifestation!” It sets the stage for the desired end result’s arrival.

To put these action concepts together, conceive and be clear about what you’re asking for, believe in your ability to have it and finally by doing, prepare to receive it and thus, achieve it! Just allow the Universe some space to figure out the best way to deliver it to you. It’s pretty smart that way!

So, think -> feel -> act; the “must have” action ingredients that mobilize your vision and your plan into an active state of becoming!

T = Technique - We need a strategy to overcome ingrained, self-limiting beliefs that hold back our ability to fully and passionately commit to what needs doing.

Everyone has mental “stuff” that has been established and relived time and time again. In many cases, this is not positive stuff. Ongoing repetition has created deeply etched thinking patterns that, if not challenged, will repeat. In essence, our past is destined to create our future, unless we mindfully intervene!

Intervention techniques can help us create the future we want rather than simply revisiting the past we have had. Several modalities can be used to override the mind’s associative ability to reconnect to, recreate and relive past outcomes.

Regardless of the specific technique used, the overall premise is generally the same – replace established self-limiting patterns of thinking or behaviours by repeatedly implanting new, productive habits to replace them.

To create new habits and update “old-thinking” patterns, re-patterning techniques such as hypnotherapy can be used to get below the conscious “editor” to effectively plant new desirable thinking into the sub-conscious. To be effective, these new messages must be replayed consistently over a period of time to create the new desired outcome or belief. The daily use of affirmations can also be used to consistently embed empowering desired outcomes or behaviours.

Frequently you’ll hear it takes 21 days to create a new habit. During this period, through repetition, you’re establishing and burning-in a new neural network of expectation in your mind. The key is frequency and consistency over dedicated period of time. While these techniques may be something that you haven’t done before, just remember that when you want what you’ve never had, you must be prepared to do what you’ve never done.

So what’s in your way, now? Take charge and actively create the future you want!

Copyright © 2007 - James Crookston

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