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“I got blocked before I even got started!” Is stinky thinking stopping you from taking action?

So, let’s suppose you’ve got a great idea you’d like to achieve and then, before you can think about it any further, the mental sabotage process begins. The nay-saying culprits generally come in the form of interjections, fears and constraints. So let’s deal with these life limiting “yeah-buts!”

Interjections are those thoughts that are thrown in between where you are and where to want to go. Generally, they negate the possibility of achievement. As an example, you might think, “I’m going to write a book, (yeah, right, like I know how) about my professional experiences.” They occur all too frequently and this negative inner talk quashes the idea before it has a chance to flourish. Be aware when this happens. It’s a normal part of the development process but it’s certainly not a deal breaker! Just note the surfaced issue and move on.

Fears are “projected and believed realities” that will interfere with the achievement of our aims, goals and desires of “becoming.” Most fears are based upon beliefs – assertions without any positive proof – that project our inability to get the result we want. Some examples might be, “I don’t know enough...I’m not good enough...they’ll reject me....I’ll end up destitute....nobody will buy it.”

Again, fears will come up anytime we choose to achieve, outside of our comfort zone. Expect them but don’t surrender to them. There’s a simple five-step process to deal with them.

  1. Describe what it is you actually fear.

  2. Determine how you came to “own” this fear – was there a direct experience or did someone tell you to fear this circumstance or event?

  3. Write down the absolute logical worst case scenario if this fear were realized.

  4. Write down what steps you take if this actually happened to you. (The minute you write down what you’d do, it takes away the fear’s perceived power over you because you have created some degree of resolution.)

  5. Take action to do steps 1 to 4!

Constraints are the final blocking agents – those factors beyond our direct control. Unless overcome, these aspects appear to potentially block the attainment of our objectives. They could come in the form of getting adequate bank financing, complying with rules or regulations, gaining required certification, working within a defined deadline, acquiring the right location or space...the list is endless. Constraints are inevitable. Their blockage of achievement is optional. If there is a commitment to do whatever it takes, a way will be found and constraints will be overcome.

In essence, interjections, fears and constraints, if not challenged, take the air out of your tires on the road to success before you’ve even pulled out of the driveway! Remember, though, that these thoughts and feelings are a normal part of the creative development process and can be used positively to make you aware of things that need to be taken care of. Just don’t let them stop you!

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