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Often, the only person blocking you from what you desire is you! Help is on the way with some strategies to help you stay out of your own way.

Staying Out of Your Own Way - Strategies
from the "Goal Guy®" Jamie Crookston

Leading author Marianne Williamson once reflected that our greatest fear is that we are “powerful beyond measure.” If that’s true, then how do we manage to stay in our own way and often prevent ourselves from maximizing on our potential? In short, we tend to react to what happens to us rather than pre-act to achieve what we want.

Here are eight proactive strategies to help you achieve more personal and professional results and breakthroughs.

1. Don’t wait for inspiration to hit. It’s frequently the case that action needs to precede motivation. That’s when we discover that it was easier to do than we had originally imagined. As a result, we then get inspired to take larger action!

2. Keep it simple and straightforward. Often, we make the journey more complicated than it needs to be, so keep it down to its essence.

3. Plan and prioritize. Remember, if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time! Set up for success by creating an achievement plan and also expect the unexpected. Diversions are a natural part of the evolutionary process.

4. Visualize in your mind with as much detail as possible what it is you really want. This focuses on the positive image of what you wish to create. Whatever you think about expands and wherever the mind leads, the body tends to follow!

5. Check to make sure your values and beliefs in are in-sync with the direction of your journey. Do you have erroneous underlying assumptions that can potentially sabotage your well-intentioned efforts? Are your operating rules in alignment with your current context or are they relics from a different time and reality?

6. Keep things in perspective! It’s a journey and probably a challenging one. Create scheduled opportunities to keep your life in balance through exercise, family activities, hobbies and interests. You deserve to thrive, not just survive!

7. Avoid prolonged isolation. The demons of doubt and dragons of fear breathe on you heavily through negative self-talk when you become disconnected from outside contact. Stay connected to others while developing your business thinking. This can spark new ideas and directions.

8. Maintain your sense of humour and choose to be happy. We often forget that humans can select how they interpret and internalize what happens to them. So, since life is going to continue to happen, choose to pick the brighter way of looking at it!

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