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If your actions aren’t clearly aligned to your purpose, your outcomes will reflect it. Print off a copy of “Living with Purpose” and keep it in view!

Living with Purpose

The self-image your mind can see
will determine the person you’ll be,
and the better you really know you
sharpens focus on what you can do.

In that which you truly believe
add action and you can achieve,
‘cause whatever you think to be true
will become truer daily for you.

Sometimes things will get in your way
it’s tough then to go seize the day,
no blocks though have power to resist
the one who will faithfully persist.

To know what to want is the key
to let your potential be free,
and if you want to genuinely live
then share the many gifts you have to give.

To make your dreams real from a thought
requires giving it all that you’ve got,
as there’s little that cannot be done
when you invest in your power of one!

Copyright © 2007 - James Crookston

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