Professional & Personal Coaching

PRO/SPER™ Coaching - Personal or Business

Successful people can create more success with the assistance of a results oriented coach. Whether in-person or on the phone, a coach is a confidential partner whose primary interest is in helping the client achieve personal and professional success. Coaching helps clients determine a functional perspective, clarity of purpose, laser-like focus and relevant pathways for progress.

The PRO/SPER™ Technique

Lifeset was created to assist both individuals and business enterprises to enjoy more success. After the layers of "vision" and "mission" or "aim" and "purpose" are peeled back, there remains one fundamental question. It is, without a doubt, the most important question one can ask - what do I want?

Knowing what you want is potentially powerful. Knowing how to get it is the key to releasing that potential. The term entelechy is defined as "actuality as opposed to potentiality." It's the basis of what Lifeset is all about: the process of becoming an "entelectual"; one who is able to turn his or her dreams into functional, active reality.

The Lifesetting® process and the PRO/SPER™ technique were developed to help clients do just that in a simple, effective and elegant manner. Becoming a "Lifesetter" starts with clearly understanding what it is that is wanted, either in a personal or professional context. The next task is to make sure that these objectives are in personal alignment. Desired objectives need to be congruent with currently held values, principles and beliefs.

No plan to move forward is complete, though, without an objective look at current reality. Establishing the baseline on a "just the facts" basis is, for many people, a challenge. Viewing the present with objectivity rather than emotionality is the key requirement. Only then can the true nature of the gap that lies between the present and our future be clearly understood.

The distance between the two realms of what we currently have and what we want to create provides the impetus and ongoing motivation to move forward with action steps that prudently and continuously close the gap to create our desired future. This is the process of Lifesetting®.

PRO/SPER™ Coaching

If you're serious about taking the steps to foster positive changes in your personal or professional life, then coaching for enhanced success could be a key ingredient!

"A coach can ask far more of his clients than his clients will ask of themselves."

"Coaching is all about helping clients create what can be, in spite of what is. Coaches help clients to overcome their individual barriers to success."

"A coach is a confidential partner whose primary interest is in helping the client achieve personal and professional success."

"Successful people can create more success with the assistance of a results-oriented coach."

Is it any wonder why coaches generally choose to have their own coaches?

Above are just some of the ways in which a coach can help an individual or a work group through group coaching achieve what is important and focus on what is truly desired. The difference a coach can make in accelerating an individual's success cycle is remarkable. With a more laser-like focus, coaching helps to "turbo-charge" the journey.

Coaching assists the client in determining both a functional perspective and clarity of purpose. The coaching relationship fosters greater confidence and an increased "can-do" attitude. It is centered on helping the client to create an achievable pathway to success in spite of current circumstances.

Are You Ready? Ask yourself these questions:

  • If it meant superior results, would you consider adopting new ways of doing things?
  • Are you prepared to stop doing those things that limit your success potential?
  • Could you work with a confidential partner and dedicate yourself to putting power into the coaching relationship?

If you're ready, contact us and determine if there's a winning fit!