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Business Focusing Service

Sometimes, the daily pressure "just to get it all done" stands in the way of doing it with both meaningful purpose and conscious direction. Business focusing provides a time-out forum to examine current company directions, rationale and determination as to whether present strategies are effectively achieving the desired end results.

Knowing what is wanted in terms that can be clearly communicated is the first process step. Business focusing affords busy professionals the opportunity to review, rethink and refocus on renewal strategies that are specifically designed to achieve success.

Business owners and operators need the opportunity to objectively and frequently review company progress. Business focusing will put you in touch with current reality! That's the second part of the Lifesetting® business focusing process.

The final focusing activity is setting the pathway for success; determining specific and desirable action steps to achieve short and longer term company objectives. Depending on the nature of the challenge, these sessions can be facilitated within a business day, or as specific needs require.

The Lifeset difference is in creating and facilitating proactive sessions that promote individual contribution, foster inter-dependence and celebrate creativity. Lifeset focuses on company congruency in three essential business areas - company soul, structure and strategy.

To ensure that the initial momentum is maintained and to increase return on investment, Lifeset encourages periodic group or individual follow-up coaching to remain directionally on track.

Let an experienced Lifeset associate help you stay on the pathway to success with our business focusing service. Contact us to find out more.