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Comments from clients throughout the GTA

From Workshops…

"Jamie was terrific. A wonderful orator. He made the session so lively with his great humour and professional way. Exactly what was needed." R.O.

"One of the best presentations I have ever attended." G.S.

"Very personable style. Used personal examples to stress a point. Had a great voice. Very well organized." C.M.

"He's really connected with the group." S.C.

"Very clear, accepted questions, promoted team work. Good work!" D.M.

"Found Jamie very "entertaining" - his style made the workshop interesting." U.P.

"Great speaker, excellent overheads, fabulous stories, good handouts and very personable." M.T.

From Coaching…

"I liked his advice, his words of encouragement and his motivational stories. Mr. Crookston assisted me in identifying a direction." C.L.

"Inspiring, real exchange, very affirming." C.P.

"Very natural and easy to speak with about ideas." B.K.

"Excellent, interactive, very empathetic and a good listener. Made some interesting observations to follow up on." D.S.

"Great ideas, motivational. Helped to put things in perspective. He is #1." N.H.

"Jamie asked me good questions that helped me to focus. He was very genuine, honest, shared personal stories and provided great feedback." I.B.

"Excellent - helped with ideas to become more focused on my career. Suggested books to read and got to some underlying issues." T.M.